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Book Production and Publishing Services







THE PROCESS:  How does an Author's unpublished Manuscript become a published Book for Sale?



Professional Book Publication happens in eight distinct steps:


Step 1.  Submission & Acceptance: Within the traditional publishing industry, Step 1 has, for the most part, been a tedious and frustrating process of submitting queries and manuscripts to a vast array of publishers seeking one that is willing to accept and invest in the work for publication.  That process can take months or even years to accomplish, if ever, with the aspiring author often enduring repeated rejection and wasted time in the process.

Good News!  With the ArcheBooks Book Production and Publishing Service, the Acceptance part of this step no longer exists.  Anyone can submit their work for professional production and publication in a very short amount of time - typically available for sale in less than 30 days.


Step 2.  Content Editing:  A raw Manuscript is first edited for corrections needed to the work itself, ranging from pacing and voicing to the core storyline, finding and fixing logic holes, errors, etc.  This is the stage where commercial viability is the main goal and any existing major mistakes get corrected.  This is done by professional editors in collaboration with the author.


Step 3.  Copy Editing:  This is the stage where the content-corrected manuscript is then cleaned and polished - fixing all the typos, grammar, punctuation, etc.  Copy editing gets a manuscript ready for book interior layout and design.



Step 4.  Book Design:  This is a creative design element that literally (no pun intended) lays out the words on every page.  Starting with the front matter (copyright notice, ISBN assignment, Title Page, Dedications, Table of Contents, etc.) to the very last protection pages at the end.  This stage artistically assigns headers, footers, page numbers, chapter titles and/or numbers, cleans up widow/orphans, formats pagination, adds drop down characters (if applicable) as well as the page layout of illustrations and charts, etc.  This step determines what the book will actually look like when it is finally published.



Step 5.  Cover Art Design:
  This is exactly what it sounds like.  A digital artist will create a front cover, back cover and spine design for the finished printed book.  The front cover art will also be used with the eBook version as well.



Step 6.  Galley Production:  When the book's interior and cover art are complete, two Adobe PDF files are created, in accordance with printer specifications (i.e. not Standard Adobe print defaults).  These two Galley files are then emailed to the Author for final Author Proof.  That is, the Author is required to read/review the Galley files and create a Final Corrections List.  This List is one last chance prior to publication for any adds/deletes/changes to be made.  Although, future changes are possible.


Step 7.  Corrections List & Final Proof:  One last edit and layout adjustment is made based on incorporation of the Author's Corrections List.  Now the Book is ready for Publication.


Step 8.  Publication:  The Master Interior and Cover Art Files are uploaded to the printer/distribution system, plus all meta data for the book (e.g. Book information, Author information, Book Description, reader categories, etc.)  Typically, within a few days, both the printed version of the book as well as the Kindle eBook are available for sale in all markets.


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Typical Market Pricing

Example: 100,000 Word Manuscript
Content and Copy Editing $0.01 - $0.02 per word $1,000 - $2,000
Book Design $150 - $200 flat fee $150 - $200
Cover Art Design $350 - $1,000 flat fee $350 - $1,000
Final Proofing $0.005 - $0.01 per word $500 - $1,000
Distribution Typically not included N/A
    TOTAL:  $2,000 - $4,200 ($3,100 avg.)


That is quite an investment required to take a raw manuscript and turn it into production-ready files.  Although, services such as these may or may not include any guarantee of ultimate publication.



With ArcheBooks' Publication Services, your ultimate book publication is guaranteed, and the production investment required can be enjoyed for 65% - 85% less!




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ArcheBooks PRICING


List Price for all Production and Publication Services:  $999


First-time Client Discount:  $35%


Discount Price:  $649



Submit NOW for Publication



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Author Financial Benefits




Royalty Rates:  70% Author / 30% Publisher split of all NET* royalties


[*NET ROYALTIES are defined as the remainder left over after Amazon wholesale discount and the book's physical printing costs for Paperback editions; and the difference between Amazon administrative charges and the MSRP for Kindle eBooks]


No formal Publishing Agreement/Contract is required


Authors retain all publication Rights - no reversion of Rights is ever needed; authors are free to market their works to any other entity in any medium or format at any time


A simple Professional Services Agreement is all that is needed for full book Production Services


Authors have the option of opting-out of the distribution relationship with ArcheBooks

(in which case Author would obtain a separate ISBN number from another publisher)


If Authors wish to use ArcheBooks Distribution, the following model illustrates typical costs and payments to the Author:


Paperback List Price $14.95 (Example Only)
Amazon Wholesale Discount % 60%
Amazon Wholesale Discount $ $8.97
Printing Cost $4.19 (varies by page count)
Net Royalty Total $4.78
ArcheBooks (30%) $1.43 per copy sold
Author Royalty (70%) $3.35 per copy sold
Effective Author Royalty Rate 22.4%


Breakeven Point of Sales to Production Costs:  194 copies sold

[194 x $3.35 = $649.90]



Author Royalty potential of making over $3,000 for every 1,000 copies sold



Authors may purchase Author Copies of their books for standard 40% wholesale discount, applicable to all retail booksellers, off of MSRP


Example: $14.95 MSRP, less 40% discount of $5.98 = $8.97 plus $2.00 S&H = $10.97 per copy price



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Step 1

Send an email to with your manuscript attached in MS Word format

Please put the Title of your Manuscript in the Subject line of the email



Step 2

ArcheBooks will send you a PayPal invoice for the Production Services fee

ArcheBooks will also send you an email with the Professional Services Agreement



Step 3

You pay the PayPal invoice via credit card or any other PayPal acceptable method

You sign the Professional Services Agreement and Return it to ArcheBooks



Step 4

Your book gets scheduled for production and you will be notified of dates of production start and estimated completion



Step 5

After production completion you will be notified when your book is for sale on Amazon and available for orders



Step 6

If you are due at least $50 in royalties, you will receive a payment from ArcheBooks on a monthly basis



Step 7

You market and promote your book, and hopefully sell a lot, earn a lot, and enjoy the journey!



And that's it!


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