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About ArcheBooks Publishing


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ArcheBooks Publishing


Our Name


First of all it's pronounced "Ar'-kah-books" as in "Archetype" or "Architect," not "Archie-books" (for you comic book fans) not Arch eBooks, nor Arch Books. It's one compound word, not two. "Arche" is the Greek root for the word "First" as in First Editions, i.e. original works.




Who We Are


ArcheBooks Publishing is an independent publisher of original Trade Paperback Editions and Kindle eBooks. 


ArcheBooks employs the latest, and most advanced Digital Media and Content Management technologies to produce both printed and digital content.  The benefits of doing so enable:


       Our Titles to be produced more rapidly, not waiting years for release dates

       Our Titles to remain In-Print and Available for Years not Months

       Our Titles to be very Competitively Priced

       Our Titles to enjoy full National and International Distribution

With the advent of digital technology, there is no longer any reason for anyone who wishes to tell a story or have their voice heard denied that possibility.  Yet, the book-buying public does have objective standards of quality as to what is expected in the marketplace of ideas and entertainment.


For most authors, the ability to tell a story or express a perspective of ideas is but a first step in producing a viable commercial vehicle (i.e. a book) in which their voice can be heard.  It is not enough to just have something to say.  An author's words must be captured in a professionally produced product, edited and polished and properly prepared for distribution.  That's what we do at ArcheBooks - taking the raw material of a writer's creativity and turn it into viable retail consumer commodity.  Few authors possess the skill sets, equipment, software, etc. needed to do all of that by themselves.  It therefore only makes sense to engage a professional service to give their words a proper hearing.



Our Mission


ArcheBooks Publishing was founded in 2003 by seven-time novelist and senior information technology business executive Robert E. Gelinas, for the expressed purpose of giving talented new literary voices a new opportunity for their work to be professionally published an enjoyed by book lovers.



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