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What's This New Format?


A NOVEL CONCEPT from ArcheBooks:

Complete, Full-Length, Unabridged Novels As Easy to Read, Portable, and Space Saving as a Magazine



And now for something completely different from ArcheBooks Publishing...


There hasn't really been anything "NEW" in terms of the physical format in printed books for a long, long time. But all that is about to change.


Oh sure, books come in many different shapes and sizes, as well as the common trade sizes of hardcovers, trade paperbacks, and mass-market paperbacks. But imagine, if you will, a full-length novel, printed roughly the same size as a newsstand magazine (but not crammed full of advertising), specifically around 8" x 11", and perhaps only a quarter of an inch thick or less. Can you picture it?


What would that mean?


Well, based on our test-marketing and overwhelming positive feedback from readers, booksellers, and librarians, we have ourselves a radically new book format specifically designed to enhance Marketability, Readability, Portability, and Economy.


MARKETABILITY: Despite the old admonition, people do judge a book by its cover.


Yet unlike traditional trade paperbacks or mass-market paperbacks, the larger ArcheBookZine’s cover provides more available space to help you decide if this is the right book for you—with endorsements/blurbs, descriptions, excerpts, author bios/photos, and full cover artwork from the original published versions. The magazine styling is designed to be more eye-catching and visually stimulating than most typical books you see, helping it stand out in the crowd (ideally, they would be featured face-out in a magazine-style rack, not spine out and nearly invisible).


Click on the Cover to the Right to see the entire cover (front and back).


READABILITY: For many people, a traditional novel can often represent a daunting commitment of time that fewer and fewer people are willing and/or able to give.


Recognizing that reality, the ArcheBookZine format offers you full-length, unabridged novels; however, these aren’t those 150,000 words (600+ page) tomes that can take many days to finish, but rather, our bestselling original titles specifically chosen with lengths that are typically around half to two-thirds of that (70,000 to 100,000 words). And that means they can be enjoyed and satisfyingly finished in a reasonable amount of time. We also intend to launch some original titles in this new format.


The two-column magazine-styled page format of the interior text, only 3.5 in. per column, is easier on the eyes and can actually help to increase reading speed and comprehension. Premium white paper stock (instead of cheap newsprint or the pulp papers of typical mass-market paperbacks) provides greater visual contrast, and therefore easier and clearer word recognition.


PORTABILITY: Obviously, taller and wider (getting more words on a single printed page) also means thinner! Therefore, a 300 page hardcover novel is less than a quarter inch thick as an ArcheBookZine.


So when it comes to portability, thinner means that this novel will easily fit inside a full briefcase, backpack, notebook/folio, or even the seatback pocket in front of you on an airplane, bus or commuter train. A stack of four ArcheBookZines is still less thick than a single average novel (and a fraction of the weight)! You've probably experienced the hassle and frustration of trying to stuff a 300-400 page or more paperback or hardcover book into a briefcase or purse, only to find it taking up too much room and have to be carried separately. That problem is solved with the ArcheBookZine. Actually,100 pages of text (or 50 physical sheets of paper) in this new format equates to approximately 300 pages in a traditional 6" x 9" trade paperback or hardcover format, or 400 to 500 pages or more of a mass-market paperback.


ECONOMY: Ultimately, when it comes to the impact on the wallet, which tends to affect most of our buying decisions, this new format also gives you a much higher quality product than a common mass-market paperback printed on newsprint or pulp for only a few pennies more, and as good or better quality than a typical trade paperback for less money. ArcheBookZines are targeted to be priced with an MSRP in the $15 dollar range, and may be discounted closer to the $10 range. They can even feature multiple books, or a series or trilogy of books, for a fraction of the cost of their hardcover or trade paperback counterparts.


Will ArcheBookZines replace our hardcover editions? Absolutely not. ArcheBooks Publishing still intends to offer our traditional 6" x 9" cloth-bound hardcover editions with full-color dust-jackets for those who prefer a library quality book to last a lifetime.


Can ArcheBookZines be collected? Sure, but they don't have to be. If you enjoy a story but don't see yourself reading it again and again, it can always be recycledlike a magazine or any other inexpensive paperback. They can be a good way to try a book, and allow you to decide if you really like it before investing $20 or more on a hardcover for your personal home library. They're perfect to take on the plane for that next vacation or business trip. They can go to the beach or the pool as easy as any other magazineand if you lose it or it gets wet, no great financial loss.


And when it comes to gifts and mailing, you'll find the ArcheBookZine fits perfectly in a standard postal Priority or Overnight envelope. No special boxes needed. No excess weight charges. Any standard 8.5" x 11.0" envelope will work fine (for parcel post or media rate shipments).


For our authors, this is the perfect Review Copy format, economical and easily mailed.



In a word: EASY!

Easy to Find

Easy on the Eyes

Easy to Carry

Easy on the Wallet


We invite you to try an ArcheBookZine, with our inaugural publication of John DeDakis' bestselling thriller, Fast Track. CLICK HERE or the thumbnail to the left for the full book description and purchase information.


Fast Track is one of those rare novels that you simply can’t put down. I was hooked on page one and it was non-stop until the very end – an emotional roller coaster.”

Wolf Blitzer
CNN Anchor, “The Situation Room” & "Late Edition"








If you have any questions or comments about this new format, please send us an email at And please recommend it to a family member or friend who might also appreciate the ability to enjoy great new books in a whole new way.


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