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The Wastes
K. D. Kragen

Adobe Acrobat (PDF)

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It started with KillWare a decade prior.  The Wastes is the cyberpunk, toxic, heavy-metal, rockin' sequel that finds Dr. Bob Howard, philosophy professor at a university in Syracuse, NY, called upon once again to return to California to stop a series of murders -- mostly of children, found with strange wounds in the back of their heads, where inhuman brain implant experiments have been conducted.

Still suffering from PESD (Post-virtual Epistemic Stress Disorder) from his ordeal with KillWare, Bob is reunited with Mona Grant and Kavaria Jensen and a cast of new names and faces to once again take on the GovCorp and strike a blow for freedom!

The battle is waged on land, sea, and air -- with plenty of radiation, toxic waste, mutants, villains, and heroes to delight one and all.  And there's also a special new heroine to come help save the day: her name is Veronica -- an '85 Yamaha Vmax, capable of speeds in excess of 160 MPH.

Rating:  R   Adult Content, Graphic Violence, Graphic Language
Words:  103,812
Pages:  eBook 497 (PDF) 
File Size:  2.04MB (PDF) 
Pub Date:  03/01/2004
ISBN:  eBook 1-59507-021-4
Price:  eBook $3.99


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