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by Robert E. Gelinas

"The book that launched a writing and publishing career."

READ: The Story Behind the Book

Welcome to The North Dallas Women’s Center…an exclusive and secluded private lake resort in Dallas, TX. It is the fulfillment of every woman’s fantasy, the culmination of achievement for the most powerful women in the country who have satisfied their personal and professional ambitions, tasted the sweetness of success—and now indulge themselves in its exquisitely unique luxuries and pleasures.


Rae Taylor is a brilliant scientist and the founder of the North Dallas Women’s Center, an exclusive retreat for those women of sufficient means to afford the costly, but miraculous experimental treatments that make women beautiful. But their treatments go far beyond the medical aspects of a woman’s total needs. For more than fifteen years, Rae has been driven to success, overcoming the dark wounds inflicted by her rival Rebecca Danforth.


Rebecca Danforth is a corporate CEO who understands power, how to get it and how to wield it. Years ago, with a stolen secret from a young college girl, she catapulted a struggling pharmaceutical company to success. And even now she frequents the exclusive North Dallas Women’s Center to flaunt her wealth and power in front of Dr. Rae Taylor, plotting Rae’s ruin yet again.


Nicole Prescott is one of Boston’s most renowned attorneys. She is feared in the courtroom and desired by the rich and powerful. Yet each weekend her private jet wings her to Dallas for her special treatments at the North Dallas Women’s Center.


Sabrina Doucette, the first woman to win back-to-back championships at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, lives life on the bleeding edge—until a near-fatal crash brings her to the care of Dr. Rae Taylor. But at the Women’s Center she discovers much more than the repair of her scarred face.


Alicia Brighton, a brilliant surgeon, is forced to leave her practice in Boston, only to see her life crumble away. But her healing talents revive at the mysterious Women’s Center in Dallas.


Marsha Collins, millionaire Real Estate Developer and nationally known speaker, is the mastermind behind the North Dallas Women’s Center, and knows the mysterious secret of every woman’s fantasy.


Rating:  Mature Explicit Sexual Scenes (not vulgar, but many of them), Mild Violence, Adult Language


Words:  129,185


Pages:  Hardcover 420, eBook 565 (PDF) 


File Size:  1.56 MB (PDF) 


Pub Date:  01/26/2005


ISBN:  Hardcover 1-59507-087-7, eBook 1-59507-088-5  
Price:  Hardcover $29.99/£20.99
 eBook $3.99
 Amazon Kindle $9.99



The Story Behind the Book (From the Author)

Anticipation was originally published by Simon & Schuster/Pocket Books in June of 1993, under the pseudonym of "Paris Hall," where it debuted as a lead title in Women's Fiction. The article in the ArcheBooks' Author's Corner entitled "The Art of the Book Proposal" is talking about this book. It was this book that sold at auction amidst several major publishing houses in NY feverishly bidding on it. When it finally hit the bookstores in the summer of 1993, it was sold out in two weeks.

Sadly, the book was never reprinted due to it becoming "orphaned" by its editor leaving Pocket Books prior to the book's release. And the rights to it languished in Simon & Schuster's vaults until 2005. In the twelve years that passed between 1993 and 2005, this author went on to enjoy three other novels published by NY houses. In 2003 I founded my own Publishing House, ArcheBooks Publishing, and after finally terminating my contract with Simon & Schuster, I am privileged to have the opportunity to share Anticipation with the world once again.

It really is a story I am extremely proud of. Admittedly, it has quite a few intimate love scenes in it, but unlike a lot of steamy books that only have the barest thread of a plot to link the bedroom scenes together, Anticipation's plot in one of the most intricate and extensively developed that you'll ever find. It features four interwoven storylines and over fifty characters, spanning two nostalgic decades of the 1970's and 1980's, culminating its climax in the early 1990's. The basic premise of the story was inspired by Edgar Allen Poe's The Cask of Amontillado. In fact, Amontillado was it's first working title. At its heart is a tale of one of the most heinous acts of betrayal and the ultimate revenge. It deals with the underlying issue of women's self-esteem, how they feel about themselves and each other, and the forces that often affect one's self-image. It addresses the topic of genuine beauty, both internal as well as external.

After the book was first released, the most common question I was always asked was "Where is the North Dallas Women's Center?" Few wanted to believe that it didn't really exist, and more than a few were ready to pay the initiation costs to join if they could ever find it. The vast majority of its readers have been women, but many men have shared with me how much they were drawn in by the compelling plot and vivid characters. Then again, some men told me they were "made" to read it by their wives or girlfriends -- purely for "educational" purposes. Some of the things fans of Anticipation told me they were inspired to do after reading it (some while reading it) can't be repeated in polite company.

With no apology, it's a sexy book, glitzy and lavishly indulgent to the Nth degree. But I went out of my way to ensure that the dozens (yes, dozens) of unique love scenes in the book were done tastefully -- explicit to be sure -- but never vulgar or coarse. And indeed, there are many elements minutely detailed in them -- let's say of a more "technical" nature -- that I've been told were quite novel and instructive to many people's range of understanding on the subject. In fact, my editor at Pocket Books once told me, "Bob, I've literally read thousands of sex scenes over the years, but yours caught my attention." On the other end of the spectrum I've had young women tell me how they could never get past the hot oil massage scene in the prologue because of how hot and bothered it made them.

However, the biggest challenge of writing Anticipation wasn't choreographing all the orgasmic gymnastics; rather, it was capturing the right "voicing" of the story for a predominately female audience. Almost without exception, women who read Anticipation tell me, "There's no way this was written by a man." I take that as a compliment. However, I've come to learn from several of them that this remark really has more to do with the idea of: "There's no man alive who understands what women really think and feel to this degree who can write about it with any credibility." I don't claim to. I merely claim, as a novelist, to always do my best to be a perceptive student of human behavior, which certainly includes women -- and it certainly didn't hurt my feelings to undertake all the "exhaustive research" that was required to write this book <nudge, nudge, wink, wink>. I'll admit, I did discover a few literary "tricks of the trade" in terms of crafting the prose and dialogue from a woman's perspective. But that's valuable information I'm not predisposed to give away for free.  Read the book and decide for yourself if I pulled it off.

Above all, Anticipation was written to entertain, purely for fun. I hope its new incarnation is as well-received and enjoyed by as many, if not more, souls than loved it the first time around. At least I get to put my own name on it this time. Last time I was told that women wouldn't by a book of this type if they knew it was written by a man. It never stopped Sidney Sheldon. We'll see what happens. I invite everyone to at least take a few moments and read the free sample; if it appeals to you, get yourself a copy and enjoy all of it.


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