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Fast Track
By John DeDakis

The most cataclysmic week of Lark Chadwick's life begins when she discovers the dead body of her aunt, a victim of carbon monoxide poisoning. This was the aunt who raised Lark from infancy after the tragic deaths of her parents in an auto accident. Yet what unfolds for Lark in the coming days is a dark and twisting mystery into the sinister circumstances of that awful day so long ago. Lark's desperate search for the truth reveals secrets that are about to put her life in great peril.


Praise for Fast Track


Fast Track is one of those rare novels that you simply can’t put down. I was hooked on page one and it was non-stop until the very end – an emotional roller coaster.”

Wolf Blitzer
CNN Anchor, “The Situation Room”





“I was so interested in what happens with Lark I couldn't put it down.  It’s an awesome book—a fun read. Intrigue, humor, emotion—what more do you need?”

Carol Costello

Anchor, CNN Daybreak



From a heart-breaking opening to a heart-stopping finale, this story kept me turning pages. A well-crafted and exciting debut novel.

Patricia Sprinkle
Former National President, Sisters in Crime
Author, Thoroughly Southern mystery series

  Follow Lark Chadwick in the sequel to Fast Track in Bluff.






“John DeDakis has penned a story so real it rivals real-world scenarios. As a psychiatrist, I have seen and treated many Lark Chadwicks—complex, heroic women who somehow reach down through their traumas to find a foothold of resilience in their shrewd intellect—one that saves themselves, then saves the day for those around them. I wouldn't be surprised if Lark is a real person whose identity John is protecting with journalistic ethics.  Nobody writes like that without it being real, and the film is sure to follow in short order.”  Paul Dobransky, MD, Author of Bathsheba, national public speaker, Expert commentator on the psychology of crime, and CEO of




Fast Track is a page-turning thriller that you simply won’t be able to put down from start to finish. The suspense is palpable, the characters unforgettable and spectacular, the plot ingenious and masterfully crafted.”

Barbara Casey

Author, The Coach’s Wife


“I've known John DeDakis as a dedicated and skilled journalist since 1975 when I was a White House reporter for United Press International. Now, as a journalism professor, I appreciate all the more John's commitment to bringing to life ethical journalism and mentoring relationships. He knows about the roller-coaster of life's experiences and he demonstrates that in Fast Track.  IT'S A MUST READ.” 

Wesley G. Pippert

Director, Washington Program

University of Missouri School of Journalism 



It's a fast read. The story is gripping—just when you think it may get predictable—there is an unforeseen turn of events. The writing is smart, crisp—and visual (I can see it all); the characters likeable. It's a book you'll want to keep on reading.

Kelli Arena

CNN Justice Correspondent



Rating:  PG Adult Themes, Violence


Words:  76,292


Pages:  Hardcover 300, eBook 385 (PDF) 


File Size:  1.8 MB (PDF) 


Pub Date:  08/18/2005


ISBN:  Hardcover 1-59507-094-X
 ArcheBookZine 1-59507-102-4
 eBook 1-59507-095-8
Price:  Hardcover $27.99/£18.99
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