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Dead Man's Run
Robert E. Gelinas

Newly Revised/Edited Version!

Adobe Acrobat (PDF)

DEAD MAN'S RUN is a fast-paced suspense-thriller.   Two people from opposite ends of the world--Everett Manning, a burned-out businessman from busy Dallas, TX, and Jenny Davis, an abused woman from a small town in rural Alabama--cross paths, both in search of a new life of their own choosing..

Everett's search begins the day he checks in for yet another business trip at DFW Airport, only to miss his flight while sitting in an airport pub.  Lucky for him.  Racing back to the gate to try and catch his plane, he witnesses it explode on the tarmac killing everyone aboard.  But not him. 

After the horror of the event passes, it suddenly occurs to Everett that as far as anyone else in world knows, he too was killed on that plane.   Now if he can just slip away without anyone noticing.  Jenny, on the other hand, is running from more than just an alcoholic husband who likes to beat her, but from an entire world and culture she realized she can no longer live in.  Together, Everett and Jenny are literally running for their lives, because for some unknown reason, everyone is trying to kill them--from the FBI to hired assassins.   Will either or both of them ever make it to their dream of a "Margaritaville", sitting on a sunny beach sipping umbrella drinks?  Read DEAD MAN'S RUN and find out!

This is an incredible fast paced, page-turning tour de force that will leave you absolutely breathless.
Rating:  R    Adult language, Adult Content, Sexual Content, Graphic Violence
Words: 111,472
Pages: 490 (PDF) 
File Size: 1.5MB (PDF) 
Pub Date: 11/01/2003
ISBN: 1-59507-000-1
Price:  Amazon Kindle Only $9.99


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