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Robert E. Gelinas

"Robert E. Gelinas is a heck of a storyteller.  He grabs you on page one, pulls you through more twists and turns than your favorite thrill ride, and keeps you guessing all the way."

Bill Crider
Author of Gator Kill
& Shotgun Saturday Night

Bob Gelinas is not only an author, but the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of ArcheBooks Publishing.  He has been a published author himself since 1993, and a publisher since 1999.

Bob served on the Board of Directors of the Florida Writers Association for five years, and works to help new writers in the Southwest Florida.

You may write to Mr. Gelinas at

Available from ArcheBooks:

Anticipation, ISBN 1-59507-087-7 Hardcover, ISBN 1-59507-088-5 eBook, Women's Fiction/Glitz. Revised and Re-released in Hardcover and eBook
Dead Man's Run, eBook, ISBN 1-59507-000-1, Mystery-Suspense
The Mustard Seed, ISBN 1-59507-002-8 Hardcover, ISBN 1-59507-001-X eBook, Science Fiction/Alternate History

Bob's early works:
Each of the books below can be ordered through by clicking on the Title below.

Anticipation, Paperback, ISBN 0-671-74759-2, Simon & Schuster/Pocket Books, under the pseudonym of Paris Hall - currently available from ArcheBooks Publishing in hardcover and eBook.
Dead of Night, Paperback, 1-55817-731-0, Kensington/Pinnacle Suspense
Players, Paperback, ISBN 1-55817-720-5, Kensington/Pinnacle Fiction, under the pseudonym of Robin Edwards
Players (Russian Translation), Paperback, ISBN 5-251-00441-9
Touch of a Stranger, Paperback, ISBN 0-8217-4750-9, Zebra Suspense


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