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The Author's Corner

We are pleased to provide this Author's Resource Section to all ArcheBooks Authors and writers around the globe.  Here you will find a wealth of practical information on the craft of writing, the business of publishing, and the marriage between the two. Contributors come from ArcheBooks Staff, its Authors and Agents, as well as guest contributors who have nuggets of insight to share. Contributions to the Author's Corner may be submitted for consideration to

All the information in the Author's Corner below is provided Free of Charge to help and encourage new writing talent.

Reference Docs:




Articles by Robert E. Gelinas, ArcheBooks Publisher


The Rejection Blues by Robert E. Gelinas


Communicating in Cyberspace by Robert E. Gelinas

Disruptive Innovation by Robert E. Gelinas

Fuzzy Math at Amazon by Robert E. Gelinas

The Magic Number by Robert E. Gelinas

Am I a Writer? by Robert E. Gelinas 

The Renaissance of Reading by Robert E. Gelinas

Show and Tell by Robert E. Gelinas  

21st Century Bookselling by Robert E. Gelinas 

Proud of Digital by Robert E. Gelinas 

Just for Fun  by Robert E. Gelinas 

The Plight of the Literary Orphan  by Robert E. Gelinas

Alternative Book Marketing by Robert E. Gelinas 

The Vanity of an Industry by Robert E. Gelinas

The Literary Entertainer By Robert E. Gelinas



Articles by Additional ArcheBooks Author's Corner Contributors


The Art of the Book Signing by John DeDakis


The Twelve Commandments of Effective Revision or The End is Just the Beginning by Prudy Taylor Board 

Critique Groups Aren't Just for Critiquing Any More by Prudy Taylor Board

Marketing Your Book Before It Comes Out by S. J. Reisner

Surviving a Con as an Author by Virginia G. McMorrow

Why An Author Needs A Literary Agent by Cherry Weiner

PUBLICIZE YOUR BOOK! by Jacqueline Deval

Appearing on a Panel? Some Rules for the Road (A new author shares her experiences) by Virginia G. McMorrow

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